Basic inbetweening in Animate2

A truly basic question. I have imported my key drawings, which are .jpg files, as vectorized imports. I want to draw my in-betweens on fresh cels but whether in camera mode or drawing mode, the onion skin/light table don’t show the sequence of drawings, so I can’t draw my in-betweens.
The video tutorial on Tradigital animation is fairly complete but I basically stumble on step 1: in-betweens/light table…
Attached is my workspace.


You need to grab the blue handles on either side of your playhead and drag out to the right or left to extend the range of cels that your onionskin will see.

Yeh what Guitartist said :smiley: drag those little blue bars that show next to your red timeline bar, it extends how many frames are shown either side.

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