Basic Expressions/Script

I’ve done a lot of scripting prior to Harmony 15 along with expressions however now it seems that i can’t even do the simplest thing for some reason.

All i want is this line to work;

value(“PegA Pos_x”, currentFrame);

Basically the X position of the layer PegA

However PegA Pos_x is not recognized as a column. I tried lots of different variations and checked the column name from the layer properties.
I’d like to know what the proper name is being used now?

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I wish I could help you with the script but just here to advise you to shoot a message over to Support as well if you have not already done so. Their presence responding to posts in this forum can be inconsistent. It is also hit and miss whether a user with an answer to a particular question passes through.

Good luck!

I am doing this on Harmony 14 and will test this on Harmony 15 later to check if this works

If you are writing expressions in the xSheet, I would write something like :

value (column(“PegA_Pos_x”));

You have to make sure that the column you are trying to access has its attributes logged in the xSheet first.

With an un-keyframed peg, you can do this by selecting “Create Bezier” in the peg’s “(x) Axis” Layer properties, then setting the “(x) Axis” attribute back to “Local”. The “PegA_Pos_x” attribute should now be seen as a column in your xSheet and you should be able to connect it to other attributes and access it with expressions.

Thank you very much Chris, the problem was with the local and bezier selecting thing apparently.

I did contact support by the way and… well,
Lets just have a moment of silence for the Goddess of Toon Boom, Lily, who was always trying to help out everyone anytime she could. God bless her.

The reply i got from the support was just a copy/paste of the existing documents.

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