Basic Animation Question- animate vector points?


I just downloaded the Animate PLE version, and I am not sure if I do get this right, but is it not possible in this program to draw a shape as a vector, and then access the vector points separately and animate those? That seems such a beauty in Flash, that each point can be changed and animated. As far as I understand in Animate you only can morph, or draw the inbetween frames out? Is that correct?

I love the Animate interface, and how it works in general, but I am just confused about this shape animating. I also did not find tutorials about this, just cut-out animation tutorials.

Let’s say I have drawn a straight line, and I want to animate this into a S shape. In Flash you just animate the points, is that possible in Animate? I tried this, but the only tranformation tool I found seems to be scale and skew, but not the animation of points.


Once you get used to it the Morphing tool can be very flexible and do things that might suprise you.

Anyway to get started either watch my tutorial on animating a light saber, or Adam phillips has a short intro to morphing on youtube.

And yes morphing is the way you would have to go.

Actually on this point I would argue that you don’t necessarily have to do morphing. You can do a frame-by-frame approach as well.

Say, take drawing number 1, extend exposure to frame 2, then right-click on the cell in the timeline and do a Drawing > Duplicate Drawing. Now you can take your Contour Editor (white arrow) and use this to move the contour points around. Then you can repeat this again for the next frame.

Sometimes it’s just easier to animate things traditionally.