Barsheet as an element in the timeline

Barsheet as an element in the timeline

I have a request for a better timing tool suiting the digital animators need. To make myself more clear I have posted a movie clip to illustrate the feature:

If one imagine that it would be possible to not only write in the notation by hand(something you could do even in this simple construction). Just imagine if you could import music notation from Sibelius- or Finale- music notation software directly into a bar sheet like this together with the lyrics. Then set the, frame to timing rate,- like for instance: 1 bar = 1 second = 24 frames. and add directors remarks , timing issues and a sound coloumn. Being an element in the timeline it can be turned on or of as you need it.

Dreaming is the first step


This thread has while working and developing the idea been moved to -tips & tricks-.;action=display;threadid=3521

This because I found that such a timer can be made by oneself using the existing elements in the timeline.
But of course it could be much more effective if made from ground up by Toon Boom.

The idea will hopefully come back here as a more mature suggestion.
In the meantime please comment and suggest on how a barsheet-timer
should function and what features would be nice to add to it

Best regards

Hmm, this is quite an interesting idea. Noted!