Barsheet 24fps

I made a simple barsheet for anyone that is interested. It is for 24 fps and you can download it here:

Hi Zeb

Thank you for posting the bar sheet. Reworked it and put it in a
bar-sheet-timer.Mostly copy paste and scaling. Your work was so precise the cursor follows excacly for 40 seconds.
Here is the video:

Thanks again


Thanks so much, Ivaar! Now I have a barsheet template named after me ;D That’s cool! I’m honored! I hope you figure out how to post your templates so you can share them with everyone.

I’m still trying to figure out how to pre-time my animations so that they come to life more. It seems like every time I time an action or sequence and think I’ve got it all down I discover when I animate it that it is either too slow or too fast. I guess that skill will come with time. I am reading the Timing for Animation book and am amazed that directors can sit down with a sheet of paper and a stopwatch and time out each scene. Must be a gift!

Anyways, all the best with your work!

Hi Zeb
Just got the formula of posting zip files from chrispurdin.
If you tell me how you managed to place the zip file in your posting maybe I could try to post it here.


I just uploaded the zip file to the main directory of my website. You should be able to do the same.

Hi ZebPut up the Animate Pro file on my page.

I am on mac so the file will probably only work on Mac version.

As you know this is my first time sharing files from Animate Pro, and can’t
guarantee other than that the file is showing fine in my copy of TB Animate Pro.

There are some different sheets in two separate modules.
If you have some refinement I would love to get some back.


Got it and it works! Thanks, Ivar! Actually you don’t need to add a page and menu item in order to make it available, just the link will do. Like this:

My only problem is that I am now running Harmony which isn’t compatible with Animate but I can still see your videos and get the concept. Great work!