One question: given that toon boom studio itself as the program to create animations for the web (in addition to TV), it is possible that there is a bandwidth control that let me know at any time the KB of each frame?

I remain perplexed.

I don’t entirely understand the gist of your question but if you’re making a movie, the “hinted streaming” option is best for synching sound to visuals.
Generally the more bitmaps or textures that you use, the more bandwidth you movie will chew-up. Resolution of the project and the audio quality also play a role in this.

The actual streaming also depends on your ISP and account type in addition to the ISP of the web site and the internet traffic to the site and in your neighbourhood (i.e. how many other users are sharing your bandwidth).

Every now and then I suffer slowdowns while playing my movie, because I put different backgrounds drawn in vector mode (no bitmap).
The slowdown is also visible when I export the movie in avi or mov format.

For several years, adobe flash has introduced a simple panel for controlling the bandwidth, which can be either used both to evaluate the films for the web and both to keep under control the weight also for work at local, in my case for exporting the final project in a movie.

While you’re animating you may happen to ask whether it is lighter than a bitmap or vector landscape very complex? You can determine this with certainty, no?

My question is not complex, despite hear opinions like “you can not compare flash toon boom studio”, I think that this feature is essential for anyone who has worked for years in the field of animation.

Thank you for your attention

Textured bitmap backgrounds are almost always heavier to process than flat vector backgrounds unless you are overdoing the detail and adding many levels of vector images to your background.

The streaming options are available when you examine the movie output video options.