Bamboo pen doesn’t work with Harmony?

I downloaded Harmony for my class and my Bamboo stylus doesn’t seem to register on the program. I have a touchscreen laptop that I use for drawing and a bamboo stylus that works perfect. It shows the curser on the screen but if I try to draw, it doesn’t show. I can use my finger and draw but the stylus is only a curser. I tried using my stylus on other things and it works fine, so why doesn’t my bamboo pen work with Harmony? Please get back to me ASAP

It’s not even about in stylus compatibility. You have to select a check mark in Harmony’s settings. There will be smth like “access of external gadgets”

Thank you, I did some more research after I wasnt able to find “access of external gadgets” (or anything similar) and it just said to “‘Deselect’ Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support .” under the advance tab. Posting this for anyone else who needs help