Bamboo pad and pen.Draw delay.

I find that sometimes , on very large drawings ( beyond the camera box ,) sometimes the "tracking " is off by some milliseconds.
In other words draw a line …wait a few milliseconds for the result to show on screen.

Imac, 4gig ram, 2009.


This is true also for my powerbook 2009.

I have not yet contacted Wacom.

Have any of you replicated this problem ?


This may be caused by the heaviness of the drawing. Are you getting this with brand new drawings as well or is this happening only when you are working on ongoing material that could be quite complex?

Also, are you working with the brush tool or the pencil tool?

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Hi again , this happens with both “scanned,” drawings and those drawn directly via the pad.
I use both pen and brush . It happens with the pen tool when the drawing is complex. Say , drawing hair and a mat of lines.
But it has happened also when the drawing is quite simple.
I shall run a test when I have time and see which tool generates the lag. Brush or pen.




If you notice this with the pen mostly you may want to convert your Pencil Lines to Brush (Tools top menu) when you start encountering the slow down. Brush are lighter on the system so that should increase performances has the drawing grows bigger and more complex.

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Thanks , I already erased my Toon Boom from my machines , out of frustration.

I just can’t decide who is at fault.
or Toon Boom. In that order.

Len Smith

I shall give the brush one more try.

How to solve the problem I complained about.
1. Update the file (save ) constantly…if the file is large.
2. Drivers need to be kept current.

For this I thanks myself…oh it’s nothing …no really …no it’s fine… really thanks! Me!