Bamboo Fun vs Bamboo Craft


I’m new to this field. I’m about to get into Animation-ish and, they recommend the “Wacom Bamboo Tablet”. The thing is, that there are two:- the Bamboo “Fun” and the Bamboo “Craft”.

What is the difference? Is one “better” than the other? Is one better suited to some things than the other?

Newbie needs help! ???


They are pretty much the same, the “Fun” is medium-size whereas the “Craft” is a small-size tablet.

Thanx for the response! Will these work with TBS when I switch over?

They should, Toon Boom software generally works well with Wacom Tablets.
If you have any issues when upgrading, there are some Knowledge Base Articles that cover some of the known issues and how to resolve them.

O.K. Thanx!