"baking" deformer animation on multiple layers

i’ve been studying a youtube demo on “baking” deformation into a single layer.

it was done by 1) drawing on a pegged drawing layer, and 2) right away using the ‘transformation switch’ button to install the node between the inside the deformation node.
then 3) rigging, animating. then 4) selecting all the drawing frames, and from the menu bar: animation > deformations > convert deformed drawing to drawings.

i was able to recreate it with the single layer as shown in the tutorial.

however, since it’s common to use one deformer on multiple layers at once, for example a multi-layered puppet, is there a related process to baking all of them?
i’ve tried all sorts of variations and can’t figure it out. rigging and animation variously disappear, and error messages.

theoretically it would seem really useful to get deformers to do a lot of the broad deformation, and then be able to bake it in and redraw refinements of animation. (in her demo she spoke of using the result for rough animation reference; not sure if she ever used her process for finals.)

anyone familiar with this; any ideas?