Baking 3D textures

I want to build some sets in Maya then bake the shading and lighting into the geometry as textures, export through fbx and finally, bring it all into Harmony.

In this case I would not need to render each frame in Maya via the RenderMaya Batch nodes and could keep everything in Harmony. My question is, will the textures hold up?

I know harmony doesn’t have a game engine at it’s core so there’s no normal maps etc, but was wondering if anyone has had luck with this approach. Is the 3D texturing in Harmony considered “reference only” or are artists actually using it for final output?


The textures that show up in OpenGL are meant as reference only. In fact, in the viewport, we limit the texture resolution that’s displayed, to increase performance. When you do the final render, since you’re rendering from the original file, you can have as complex of textures and shaders as you like. I haven’t tried with bump or normal mapping, but I don’t see why your 3D file couldn’t make use of it. It wouldn’t show up in Harmony OpenGL, but it should work in the final render.