Bad toon boom studio 5.0 downloads

??? Does anyone hear of faulty toon boom studio5.0 downloads? been working on two simple tutorials from you tube and having many problems.Can’t seem to separate frames in timeline,such as a pendelum swinging or a ball wizzing across the screen,i hope there’s something wrong or maybe i’m just slow,lol.


It may simply be that the tutorials were not made in the same version you are using and way of working with things may have changed since. If you provide the link to those tutorials we would have a better idea whether or not those tutorials were meant to be used with that version.

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???Here is a link to the tutorial i tried i could not copy and paste to next frame,i did manage to complete the tutorial by making a new drawing frame by frame.


What he shows should still be valid in version 5. Take note that to copy under Windows you need to use Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste). Otherwise you could also try to see if the top menu entry are working. Simply use the select tool, select the pendulum, then go to the top menu Edit>Copy, bring the timeline cursor to frame 2, click in the camera view to set focus in it and go to the top menu Edit>Paste.

This should do the trick.

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Ugo,i’m using a Mac,sorry i should have mentioned it. :’(

Make sure that you are copy and pasting in the camera/drawing view and not in the timeline.

Pasting the frame in the timeline will only copy the exposure and making a change in one frame will affect all frames with the same exposure.

You can see more information in the comments section of the video.

Hi,first i want to thank u for your comments and time to help me. :’( I see u used one of replies in the tutorial ? page.I watched the tutorial very carefully and i did not see him change from the timeline to the drawing or camera view,how would u copy or paste anything from the timeline in the first place???another thing was not clear,does the frame advance automatically or was it done manually,it does not say or show it.I’ve wasted a lot of time on this and will be very disappointed if this software is faulty.I have made a working model of this tutorial so i know the concept,but i had to draw each frame manually.At what point do we say the software just does not work properly???

To change from frame to frame you can use the A and S shortcuts.

As for the original problem you really have to make sure to have the correct window in focus when pasting.

If you work in the camera and use the shortcuts to change frames, then you will be less likely to paste in the timeline.

I hope this helps you.

Why is this turning out to be so difficult
i followed the tutorial step by step and the person who gave the tutorial did’nt do all these steps what works for him should work for me,whats up? :’(

As far as I can tell the difference is that he does not click in the Timeline at all during the copy pasting phase of the tutorial. If you do not click with the mouse inside of the camera view before pasting (Ctrl+V) it might not work.

I have also followed the tutorial step by step and it does work.

At the end of the video he mentions that you can email him if you have any questions, maybe he can explain it better.

When i click in side the camera view everything on the screen disappears,maybe the reason the tutorial works for u is that u have a proper working software. I’m to the point that i don’t want to touch it again,it’s crap. Anyway, thanks for the help.