bad quality in psd file after vectorizing

hello :slight_smile:

First of all I have to say that I am new user in Toon Boom and that means that I know just a few things.

That’s why I am using photoshop to draw everything and then I import it and vectorize it in Toon Boom studio 6.0. The problem is that after vectorizing the psd file the quality is not good, it is even worse than it is in photoshop. Is it possible to import the psd file and have at least the same quality as it is in photoshop?

I don’t have time right now to learn everything in toon boom so if you know something that can help me please write it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

You may want to use the Import and Vectorize with Texture functionality.

Basic usage is described in this article. INTRO TO PHOTO CUTOUT. You can save time by saving your Photoshop file with a transparent background. The Vectorize with Texture functionality creates a “vector box” around your art so that Toon Boom will treat it similarly to normal vector art but it doesn’t actually vectorize your art thus your work should remain the same as it looked in Photoshop. It is suggested that you work at a large DPI setting while in Photoshop such as 300 DPI this will allow you to scale your imported art without getting a lot of pixellation.

I hope that this helps you. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions. -JK

thanks for the answer JK.

well, the problem is that the colors are not the same as they are in photoshop. They are not so strong, they are not so colorful, it’s hard to explain I hope you understand. It is like a bad quality of the original psd file. I use 300 dpi so I guess this is not the problem.

Anyway, I have to learn sometime how to use the brushes in toon boom.
thanks anyway, if there is something else I have to know please write it :slight_smile: