Bad PNG imports?

I imported a PNG with transparency, without vectorizing, and noticed big white areas of stray pixels around the contours of some shapes. As the image is relatively flat, vectorizing was an option and worked, but I’m not exactly looking forward to importing more painterly png’s. Is this a known issue?

Try changing the Alpha Transparency at the import. I think PNG should be at Straight instead of white. This has to be changed depending on the file format and how the image was created initially. Different softwares have different ways to deal with transparency.

You can also change it afterwords in the module of that layer>Drawing Tab>Transparency Type.

It works, although it makes the edge really blurry.
I’ll play with it some more, though. Thanks.

You should check in the final render because the OpenGL view in Camera makes a proxy of your bitmap so that it can play faster. You might be looking at this small version not the real output at full resolution.