Bad Allocation

Hi I am having this very frequently. I will be importing images etc into ToonBoom Animate 2 and have less than 3 layers usually so memory should not be the problem. And a box with the words BAD ALLOCATION come up and close the program.

Is there any plans for a 64bit version?

My comp specs are:

Windows 7 64 bit
8 gigs of Ram
Ati Radeon 5400 graphics card.

I can run Maya, after effects and many memory intensive programs but this program seems to crash ALL the time. I have wrote in these forums before about the same problem and no one could figure it out.

This is even before any animation takes place!

See on your other post that you have turned on virtual memory.
I am not sure what virtual memory is on PC today. I am on mac.
But back in the old days mac had virtual memory for working with huge files taking advantage of a part of the HD.
But the virtual memory back then did not work well with real time apps for music. It made things jumpy and caused crashes, they worked well when you turned of virtual memory.
8 GB RAM should be more than sufficient for running Animate.
Myself I have no problems with 4GB RAM on Animate Pro.
Why not try to turn of virtual memory. Before you do so make sure, reading the manual, that this don’t harm your computer.
There is also some doubts about the Ati Radeon cards:;action=display;threadid=3672

And there is this issue( on a mac but worth eliminating all the same) related to settings:;action=display;threadid=3510

Best regards

Great thank you everyone for your answers. I am thinking its my video card. I guess I only have a 512 MB card.
I will try not to vectorize all the images from now on. They are high quality pictures though so that may be it.

That is great to hear about the 64 bit version as well, keep at it guys!!