Bad Allocation

Hi I am having this problem very frequently lately. I am using Animate 2 and it says “bad allocation” and crashes.

It has happened about 9 times in the last hour and fairly frequently before that. I have no idea what it could be.

The scene is very basic, I have a quad core computer with windows 7, changed to basic theme not aero, set toonboom as a high priority task in the task manager.

Has anyone had this message come up? Just a box that says "bad allocation’ and you have to hit the okay button and it crashes to the desktop. I find myself saving every frame because I know it will happen again soon.

Please help if you can!

Thank you!

Ps. It says fatal error bad allocation. Happened now 5 times in 40 minutes.

No suggestions?

Or has anyone even seen this before?

Have not seen that before but it sounds like a hardware issue.

hmmm i will try to find out whats going on. just redownloading it now to see if reinstalling it will work.


Hi Ken E,

Curious to know if you found a solution yet.

Hello well i redownloaded the program and it fixed it for about two weeks and now it is coming up everyday again.

I am in opengl view when it crashes.

hi no I didn’t but will write them as it is still happening frequently.

just upped my virtual memory from 4096 to 12,274. I have 8 gigs of RAM so dont even really see a point to changing it but seen you have suggested that to someone as well.

It sounds like you’re running out of memory. You say it’s a very basic scene - how long is the scene? Are you using a lot of imported images? Are you hitting the play button and playing through the whole scene when it crashes?

Are you in OpenGL view or Render View when it crashes?

You can write in to if you want more specific help.


Did you ever contact for further help with this one?


Well since it’s a 32-bit software, Windows caps the memory usage at less than 2 gigs, so I don’t think this is going to solve your issue. I’m curious as to why you’re still running into the cap, though. Are your scene files very long? Or are there lots of textures and imported images?


This is probably related to importing in a lot of images. Imported images take up a lot of memory to load in, and it loads in all those images when it opens the scene. It doesn’t matter how many layers you have, but how many individual images, because each image is loaded into memory.

Are you importing in HD images as well? When you import the images, are you vectorizing them? It might be worth trying to not vectorize them if you are, just leaving them as bitmaps might help.

We are working on the 64-bit version, and have been working on it intensely, but it is still in development.