backup shortcuts

I am using TBS 6 and as much as I like it, the default shortkey setup in my eyes is really horrible ;D That’s why I reassigned virtually every single one of them.
My question is: Can I somehow backup my custom setup? I had to reinstall the software several times due to a crashy system and it is always an annoying 30 minutes I spend on redefining keys.

At home I use v.6 on a win7-64 system, at work it is v5 on a mac (where other people love resetting it to factory default >:( )
I faintly remember reading in a blog about some workaround with copying systemfiles with obscure names out of obscure folders, even succesfully tried, but that’s long time ago and I forgot where and how.

And please please pretty please make saving your own settings a regular option in upcoming versions. It’s so basic. thanks a lot, h.


If you run the installer, let it uninstall Toon Boom Studio for you and choose to keep the preferences.

I will look further if there is an actual file that can be backed up.