Backup DVD or Download?

I just received my academic eligibility to purchase, and the money I’ve been saving just for this moment is burning a hole in my wallet … but before I do …

what is the advantages or disadvantages of purchasing the dvd backup versus the download option? I am admittedly a little old-school and like owning something I can hold, but not sure what the advantages of either are …

discuss please?

the advantage of the DVD is you don’t require to use your bandwidth to download.

If you get the DVD I am pretty sure you will have the download option still. Personally I just always use the download option.

If you buy the DVD version, you will get the hard copy of the user guides, kick start videos, an extra DVD of all the trial version of Toon Boom products and I wanna say that the DVD box looks cool XD

In the download version, you’ll get the download link of the full version of the product you bought. You’ll need to separately download all the other things like the user guide & kick start videos & its working files (around 900 MB).

If you buy the DVD, you’ll still be able to get the download version for free which will be available in your My Account> My Products as soon as you pay the money (within minutes).

And, whatever option you take (DVD/download), you will receive the product key in your email.

I bought the DVD (personal choice).

Hope this helps.

Me I am rather impatient, if I paid for it today, I want it today. I can always it burn it all to a DVD. My personal opinion.

I imagine even if you bought the box you could get it today because you would still get the download option.