"Backup" command in SB Pro

There is a backup command in the file menu on Storyboard Pro. Can someone explain what that is and how it is different than using “Save As” to make a duplicate file?

Thanks Lilly :slight_smile:

When you use the Backup command, it’s like doing a Save As and then subsequently zipping the file. It becomes not a whole project, but a bundle that contains your project. It makes it easier to just drag and drop the backup onto a hard drive or other backup system.

You can’t open the backup file in SBP directly, you need to Restore Backup, which will unpackage the scene and open it.

So it depends on what you’re doing. If you want to drop the file off on a hard drive, use Backup. If you want to just have different versions of the scene and you want to be able to open them and go back to previous versions, then you might want to just do a Save As.


They know with what command or script line I can launch backup scene, look in the documentation and nothing comes up about it.