Backing up shortcuts

I’ve spent what seems like hours changing my keyboard shortcuts to suit my needs. I assume this information is saved in a preferences file somewhere. I’d like to be able to back this up so it can be used on other computers or used again if the program gets reinstalled someday.

Anyone know where this preference file is or what it’s called?


There is no actual file to copy. The shortcuts are saved inside of your registry.

You can reach the place by going to the regedit (type it in the execute window). The shortcuts are saved in the following locations:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Toon Boom Animation Inc.>Toon Boom Studio 3.5>Shortcut

Be aware that the registry is a dangerous place to mess with so I would strongly advise you to backup your registry before doing any modification to it to prevent corrupting anything.

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Where are those shortcuts kept on the Mac platform?



Hi David,

You can get those through finder at the following location:

Main drive of your machine>Library>Preferences>com.toonboom.toonboomstudio3.5.plist

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