backing up animations- any ideas?

having trouble backing up my work, just in case the HD crashes.
tried saving on cd-rom but experiencing error messages when then trying to save after adding to the animation.
any ideas?


Hi, Brendan-

I just noticed that no one answered your question. Here’s my solution:

I’ve been saving (drag and drop) the entire animation folders to an external hard drive. You can get a LaCie External 80GB Hard Drive for around $100, a 250GB for under $200 and a Maxtor 80GB 7200RPM for as low as $125 online.

I’m on a Mac G4 using OSX which allows me to use a firewire connection. Real easy to use and if your computer should completely crash you’ll have a complete backup of your TBS file.

Also, I can drag Monday’s version to the hard drive, put it in a folder with that date and then save Tuesday’s efforts to a folder with that date. Then, if you ever want to go back to retrieve an older version, it’s there on your external hard drive. I haven’t ever had to do that, but I think it would work.

Hope this helps. If anyone else has a better solution, or if I’m saving my files inproperly, please let Brendan (and me) know.


Thanks for your reply. I found out that when saved to cd my animation is checked as read only so when i save it back to my hd i can’t alter it.
Once I unchecked the files I copied back to my hard disc from the cd-rom I saved them to I was able to continue animating and saving my changes.

I am now confident I can backup my work safely on cd rom.
(so you don’t have to go to the trouble of saving it to another hard drive)

Thanks again.