Just curious how most users here do their backgrounds? For myself I could stick to vector graphics and just do them in Toon Boom, but I’m hoping to go for a more 80s cartoon background style like you would see in a Marvel Comics cartoon. These normally looked painted, with the characters drawn in 2-tone colors.

Just wanting to get some ideas on other ways of doing backgrounds aside from imported photos and TBS drawn.

Maybe you’ve figured this out by now – I see this is an older post. I figured I chime in anyway since I struggled with this question myself. You can paint bitmap backgrounds in Photoshop or even with real paints on a canvas or whatever then scan it and import it into Toon Boom for a real 80s look. Only problem with this is if you’re using TB 4 you don’t have any control of the size of the image. In 4.5 you can make a big painting and import it at actual size so you can move the camera around. Best of luck!