background treadmill effect

hi all - i have a character facing the camera and walking in place on a sidewalk (8 frame sequence of black lines across the sidewalk in different positions to give the illusion of forward movement). I now need to add houses, trees, etc to his side and have them rotate counter clockwise and fade beneath the horizon … it is not a perspective thing where he is walking on a straight road, he is walking on a hill type effect where the houses etc would fade beneath the horizon like on a wheel to his side spinning counter clockwise… anyone have any tips or can direct me to someplace i can read up on it… thanks, d

You can add your houses, trees ect. as new elements from the top menu Elements > Add > Drawing

Then you can move them over time with key frames as needed and use the camera to create the effects you are looking for.

You can find useful information in your F1 help guide and also here:

Hi Deb - essentially what I have done (and was looking for an easier way) was to create a circle that ran just below the horizon. On a peg, I added in a pivot point that, when rotated, would have the circle remain below the horizon. On the last frame of the sequence, I added in another pivot point where I rotated the circle 360 degrees. Connected the two points with a non sequence segment. Using the circle as my base, I then started drawing my houses, trees, etc. On subsequent frames, I have to adjust the first drawing so that it doesn’t look like a sinking ship - I am using a second peg to compensate for N-S movement… was hoping there was an easier way than doing a hundred or so drawings to illustrate this technique… thanks, d

hi… I don’t understand why you would have to make so many drawings… you seem to understand Toon Boom Studio very well; aren’t each of your drawings on a separate element layer where you can use cell swapping when the image changes on a given frame and where you can manipulate the element (drawing) over time with the animation tools?

You can send a sample of your project to if you like as a visual may clarify what you wish to achieve : )

Hi Deb - sent an email with two samples of the stream - one is a very quick run with houses in it, the other just the character walking … the tbd file was too big (300 megs) to send, so i sent swf files which can be imported … any suggestions would be appreciated … thanks, dan

Hey Dan, your animation looks idea looks great!

We can continue correspondence through the Help Desk ticket and once we have the best solution for you, we can post tips in this forum thread to help other users.