Background scene from a third party software

im having a bit of trouble finding out the best way to import Backgrounds from softwares like Photoshop and clip studio

What format does toon boom take more kindly too
and when importing it to toon boom it asks me a bunch of questions about it turning into vector base and what not ,

i just want to make sure im doing it right cause ive been having some performance issues importing images into toon boom

PS : using toon boom for making background is not an option , my team uses clip studio paint for making backgrounds and they dont got toon boom

I personally import lower res versions (jpg, png whatever suits) of my backgrounds as refs and don’t render them when I export my animation as image sequences. I then bring the high res backgrounds, image sequences, sounds etc into Adobe Premiere. That way I find TB is still nice and zippy when I’m animating and playing it back :slight_smile:

You can use a PSD, TGA, TIF, PNG, etc. Normally you won’t want to use a compressed format such as JPEG, except for a temp BG. You can import PSD files into separated layers to Harmony so that should be the preferable format if you work with Photoshop for backgrounds, like most people do. That’s really the most practical if normally your backgrounds have more than one layer. To avoid heavy files, use files with the same resolution of your scene file - except if there will be a zoom, in that case you should have the PSD in the proportional size.

For a background image you should choose ‘Import as Original Bitmap’ or ‘Import As Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing’. The second option will result on a TVG file that you can edit or drawn over on TB. It will also look sharper by default on the OpenGL view (you will have to render a frame to see the Original Bitmap un-blurred).

Normally you would only select the option to ‘Convert to Toon Boom Vector Drawing’ for clean black lines over white background such as animation drawn on paper or on another software.


ah thanks very helpfull!!
btw : how would i figure out the resolution i need when zooming in ?

The closeup will be scene resolution. You back away from there so you are starting with a relatively high resolution that allows your ultimate closeup to be scene resolution.

If your scene resolution is 500x500, your close up will be 500x500. So your zoomed out resolution might be something like 3000x3000 depending on how much you plan on zooming in.

thanks alot !! that was very helpfull ,
if you have any further infomation , that would be usefull :slight_smile: