background problem

the animated cartoon i have works ok with no problems untill i add a background with it, what happens is part of the cartoon disapears,i moved the background to the front and rear dosent help,when i remove the background,the cartoon works fine i tried different backgrounds with no luck.some help would be great. thank you.

i,m using toon boom studio 5

Does the problem happen only in the camera view or does it also happen when exporting.

If the problem is visible when exporting, you can post a screenshot or movie so that we can help you fix it.

the problem happens in the camera, i put the background first, then i install the cartoon thats when parts of the cartoon are gone, it still run ok this way with out the missing parts.when i remove the background it,s completly,s always the same left side looking at it.

Your character might have some elements with different depths. You can either move your background back or set it’s property to “Background” in the Properties Tab.

thanks alot simon, its working great,thanks again