background movie reference, possible?

Hi, new to Storyboard and I just wonder if its possible to have a movie or a sequence of images in the background?cheers/Tommie

Hi,You can’t import movies themselves but if you have it as a sequence of image you can always import those as shots or in the template library to bring them in layers later on.Best regards,Ugo

okey, thats to bad :-(Thing is I have a Layout that I need to breakdown into a fearly complex storyboard. It would help me to have that reference Layout movie in the background when I draw keyPoses.Now I’m new to this software so given my problem here what would you do?cheers/Tommie

Hi Tommie,I guess having an image sequence would do in that case. You will need to get your movie converted to images sequence first (this needs to be done in a 3rd party application). Once you have it this will turn every image of the movie to single images. Then pick the image you want to take as references, import them inside of Storyboard and use them to rotoscope.Best regards,Ugo