Background color becomes gray?


i have for a couple of times neglecting this small problem, but now i have come to situation i would like to fix it!

Every time i have rendered just a simple (b/w) outline movie with the default white background in compression h.264 the background in the movie are ALWAYS (when i watching it in TB, Quicktime, realplayer and media player on my computer) white.
But… if i watching it on from the explorer browser (both from my computer and from someones server) the background is ALWAYS gray, not white???

I have being trying to figure out whats wrong, but cant find whats causing the color to change when i watching it from the browser. I have tried to change all settings in toomboom. Qtime, realplayer and the explore but cant find anything wrong.

So i have being asking myself… why cant i render i movie with a white bg? and why does it become gray on the explorer? Is there a way to force it? Have i missing some settings? Is the problem on my computer… or is there something wrong with the drivers?

If someone knows how to fix it i would be happy if they could help me!)
Best/ Marq

Hi marq
been there
just make a separate white block background
and place it behind your movie in the camera view
that should do it


Hi J!

Thx for a quick answer :slight_smile:
I think i tried it and it didnt work, but i will do it again just to make sure.

Ill keep in touch!

Hi again!

No… it didnt work!
I did the a white box behind everthing and even changed the background color to green and put some red outline in animation.
The results is… With Qtime it shows with a white bg, but with the browser it shows with a gray bg!

Still a mystery in the wind?
It must be a settings in the browser, what u think?


Hey marq

did you try any other Quicktime settings
other then h264
and a different browser ? say firefox

in your quicktime settings do you have any advance settings on ?
is it set to blk and wht ? take a quick look

I can’t see why it’s the browser
then again explorer can do some strange stuff


Hi J!

No… i havent tried out other settings then h264, mainly becuase thats the only thing i render in. And no… i havent tried out other browser’s either becuase if i cant see my own anim from the most basic browser why should i try another one!?

Whats “blk and wht”? Could you point it out for me? I have checked the Qtime so many times now i dont know what it could be.

Still i do not understand why only the white color becomes gray with browser. All other color seems to work perfectly but not the white one!
It feels like its about some strange default value i have being missing.

Its knas! I will try out and see… if other can see my anim from a different view, see if it works for them!

Hi Marq
sorry i can’t give a direct ans to this problem
i can not reproduce the problem on my end
my best guess is that the browser sees the background as a transparency

when i had the problem it was during an export as a still png or targa file
the background became gray
so putting in a white whit background solved that for me

and i do understand that you want to use your setup as is
but i do suggest you try an animation or sorenson export
and a different browser to see

all things being = they are not

you can play it as a quicktime and in real player
so it’s pointing to the browser and possibly the h264 ( possibly )
so for the heck of it do a different export, it will help to narrow it down further


Hi J!

Thx for the answer :slight_smile:
I will try out some other things. Now you mention something “image”. I havent tried that out yet, it feels quite pointless to go so far with a white image bg, but i will try it out.

“the background became gray so putting in a white whit background solved that for me”
So then why doesnt this work for me!? hmm… strange
Which Qtime and TB version are you using?

About the sorenson, i tried to found it ones… but couldnt find it! I will see again if i can find it!

I’ll keep in touch!

Hi Marq
i have a mac g5
toon boom V4
quicktime 7.4.5

my steps for export
make sure your in camera view
select file export movie
chose Quicktime then options
then you can chose compressions ( and filter settings )
You may not have sorenson so try animation or none

i have a question if you make 3 objects
say red blue and white
they show up as red blue and white but the background is GRAY !?
but you get the white object ?


Hi J!

Thx for the info!
i have myself TB4 and just upgraded Qtime from 7.1 to 7.3. I did the Qtime upgrade because of to see if there were something wrong with the drivers, but there werent anything wrong with it!

I have even now checked the filter when we all chose the compressions. Found nothing!

To explain the situation and answer your question i will here provide some test movies.

Okay… Green default BG on left side. White layer(last layer) on right side.
Last 6 cubes on top of everything with one white over the green part.

For me (1)h264 mov = white becomes gray
For me (2)sorenson3 mov = white becomes gray
For me (3)animering mov = white becomes white ;D ;D ;D

For me (4)sorenson3 test2 mov = white becomes gray




And one extra with the default BG is white:


If you or another one get something else it would be quite intresting to see what i have being missing!

All hopes

Note: im actually found sorenson as a compression… didnt know i hade it!

Hey Marq

all your movies show up
as white becomes white
no gray on my end

i checked it on
internet explorer

all good


Hi J!

Thx for the info!D

I checked with my fathers computer and he have exactly like i have and i will try and see if some friends of mind can see it!

Now i understand why you can see it with white BG… its because you have a MAC. My nice jar is a PC!

My conclusion is that its in the compression somehow and on the PC without any settings to it, but it seems like you can. Actually im not surprised about it because Qtime “IS” MAC from the begining. And this we can see here on this thread proves that Qtime is not complete with PC yet!!!

It did work with “Animering compression” so i will continue with that for the time being as long as im rendering in only outline(B/W).

I give up! ;D
I would like to thx you for all help i could get, and im grateful!
Hope it solves by itself!