background and shortcuts?

I know Flash frontwards and backwards and I decided to “upgrade” to Toon Boom, except I’m having problems with little things.

I made a bouncing ball animation to try and learn the software. I made it about 20 frames long and tested it, it plays fine. then I deiced to make a white background because the default is gray and ugly. So i made a new layer called “background” placed it under the bouncing ball layer. used the square tool to make a box, then filled with with the paint bucket tool. The problem now is that this background layer no matter what is displayed on top of the frames. I even double checked to see if i drew it on the wrong layer, but no. I tried everything, I spent at least an hour on this which almost drove me crazy.
I did this in flash just to make sure i wasnt crazy, and it was flawless in flash.

I have another question, in flash when you’re drawing frames you can simply press F5 and that creates a new frame and you can draw on it and hit F5 again. is there a shortcut like that in this software? also is the an equivalent to pressing F7 which increases the exposure to whatever frame is selected on the timeline?

last question is which Toon Boom software version is capable of these stereoscopic effects?

I would assume you nudged the layer in the z axis. You can use the plus button next to the drawing name to expand and go down and check was the values for Z are.

To follow the steroscopic tutorial you need the pro version.

It don’t know how you would do it in standard but i am sure someone with some creavitiy could find a way to do but it wouldn’t be as elegant as the pro version.

There’s an easier way to make a background layer with a solid color. Add a Colour card. Double click the layer star and then you’ll be able to change its RGB, Depth, and Alpha values.

Good luck.

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I dont know where the " layer star" is. And i dont know what you mean by the z axis. this only displays y and x. this picture shows my problem. the white line should be behind the black scribble but its not. Im about a hair away from giving up on this software if something as tiny as this is stopping me from using this software.

okay now I can see the imiage your problem is easy.

You have made the white line a child of the black hair.

Drag the white line layer above the black line layer to get rid of the relationship.

Then drag it back below but make sure you see a long thin black line appear so you don’t make it a child again.

worked, thank you TheRaider