Hey Toon Boomers,
This is a friendly reminder/PSA to back up your work. Here is a video showing you a method I use to back up my work. backup_ur_work_720p

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Good tips! What I do is use a backup program that automatically does daily incremental backups to a secondary hard drive on my computer. It also does a scheduled weekly mirror backup of my entire user directory. So if something happens to a file I can always go back to the last good version and work from there.

Awesome! Hey Zebtoonz, what system is that? Is it Mac or PC? If you’re on Mac, have you used Time Machine?

Time machine is a nightmare for gobbling space!!!

I just do it manually and have a rotation of removeable hard drives I leave at my fathers house because backing up and keeping it at the same location doesn’t really help that much.

I’m on a PC and use Backup4all, but there are lots of backup programs you can try. If you follow the link below it gives a review of backup freeware you can try.


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