avoiding sliding walk cycles

Hey Toon Boomers,
Does anyone have any tips or tricks for avoiding your stationary walk cycle from having sliding feet when you animate it across the screen?

I put a marker as an object which I hide which I use a reference for the actual length of the cycle.

Other wise you just have to nudge the last keyframe back and forward until the slide stops.

If you have to animate stationary you need to use markers for the feet that move around… a linear motion would be the easiest. For ease in and ease out at the beginning and end of the walk you always have to adjust the feet (and/or keyframe distances).
Generally you would never want to Animate a walk cycle stationary… especially if you have a character who doesn’t glide over the ground in a linear fashion but has some sort of bouncy slower and faster motion. You would have to animate it with the character actually moving forward, then figure out the phases where he moves faster and slower. Once you figured out where the keyframes for the master Peg have to be, the distances and the ease in and out values you can just repeat them once the character reached full speed.

I also animate normally then bring is back to a cycle, so I never try to animate them on the spot.

Are you animating on two’s or one’s. I don’t know if this your situation but if you have your drawings changeing every second frame but you pan is on one’s, the feet will slip.

It this case you would have to either animate on one’s or change the pan to be on two’s like your animation.

To change your pan on two’s you would have to go in the Velocity function(3D path mode) or the X function (Separate Mode) and change the movement to Step = 2 instead of the default 1.


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Thanks everyone, that was VERY helpful!!!

I made a tutorial for this if you’d like to see it.