Avoid copies of custom penstyle textures

Hi. all.
I’m using TB14 on pc. I hope/guess that my “issue” is fixed in TB 15 16 or 17.
Basically, like a lot of another rig artists or animators, sometimes I need to build a custom pencil with texture (like the charcoal for example or a brush with texture)…which is very easy in TB.
It’s a great feature.
And the new “texture pencil” just created will be always available on your computer.
There’s a big downside though, TB14 will save a copy of that new texture pencil, in every single file that you’ll save.
Which means that if you need a mid-resolution texture of 500KB
that texture will be stored permanently on your pc and all the new files into the folder called "penstyle_opacity_textures ".
Unfortunately, I discovered this after months, on which I’ve created 10 new custom pencil with texture (one of them was 7MB…).
Now I’ve located all the new texture (which have a fancy name like “06e64e8e58831373” ) and removed from my pc.
Just to give you the size of this issue…in 6 months I’ve accumulated 3529 copy of my new textures…equal to 9.51 GB.
I’m Aware that this is MY problem, I’ve should do lighter textures (the average default textures for pencil, shipped with TB installation, are around 1 or 3 KB…the biggest one is 74 KB…nothing in term of size).
But I hope this mistake that I’ve done can help people to do the same mistake…and come back and remove the unwanted textures.

If someone knows a way to tell TB14 to stop making copies of those textures into new files, let me know.


Thank you! Your reply was very usefull. now I know better how to deal with textures

For textured colour pots in the scene library, if you remove the texture from the project folder
the scene should be able to recover it.

For Penstyle opacity palettes, if you added the texture to this palette it would be added to every scene.
A better method would have been to make a custom texture palette instead. This default one with all
the textures could be saved somewhere and be copied or linked to.

You could copy texture from one palette to the scene’s palette for use and then delete the default one
that has all the textures to just leave the scene palette to which you have copied texture files before

When you save the scene, just delete the master texture palettes folder from the project and
that should leave you with the scene palette and the default pencil texture palette (without new
textures added to this one). Now all the texture files should only be the used ones.

To be cleat, you would need to remove all the custom texture from the default pencil texture palette
after making a copy of your current default texture pencil palette to not lose the textures.

Make sure you have “Colour Recovery” enabled in the preferences “General” tab.
Try making a one-drawing scene to test this out.

I hope this makes sense