AVI Format - Help Needed

I created an animation at 24 frames per second in TBS4. I have now been asked to submit it to a festival in Brazil as an AVI file.

When I export to AVI with no compression the animation is jerky. Any way I can get a smooth transfer?

Well, shouldn’t be a problem, but without knowing the project (size and length) and system specifications… it’s hard to say ?
(might be your system can’t cope with the uncompressed media ??)
(I guess your file size is in the “high GB-range” ?)
Have you tried any other codecs ? (try DVCPRO50)

If nothing works, export to QuickTime and convert with “MPEG-Streamclip”
or “VisualHub” to AVI - (expect some loss of quality).


Thanks for the reply.

It was the processing speed. I couldn’t believe the size - 3.7 GB for just over 2 minutes! I tried a re-export as AVI using thousands of colours. The size is still large - 2.6 GB. But my Mac now played it smoothly. I previously thought the jerkiness was a different frame rate problem.

Thankfully the festival organiser said he’s fine with the file size.

If I ever go over 4 minutes in future and someone wants hi res AVI - I will try Visual Hub.