.AVI blurryness/ .MOV to Premiere problems

Hi there,

I’m new to TBS, I realise these might be completely trivial problems that are easily solved but i can’t seem to resolve either.

Firstly, I’m working with TBS v3.0 on windows, and whenever i export my latest animation to .avi it renders really blurry, like someone has smeared vaseline on the lense of the camera. I’m working to 720x 576 at 25fps. I’ve tried tooling around with the export settings but nothing seems to bear fruit.

Now, exporting to .mov wields a very nice and smooth animation, but for some reason when i import it into Adobe Premiere the animation automatically gets reduced to 9fps, giving me a really choppy sequence. Premiere also reports dropped frames in the properties window of the movie file.

Any help would be massively appreciated.


I’m having the same problem with .avi… did you manage to find any solution?
I would really appreciate any help! Thanks!


Concerning the quality of the AVI, first try to play the avi file inside another play then Quicktime. You may notice a difference in the quality already (for some reason the Quicktime player does not always show the avi format appropriately).

Also you might want to download extra AVI codecs for Quicktime. The default ones are not necessarily the best ones available out there.

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