AVERAGE JOE: The 'Ol Ball and Chain (Episode 3) NEW CARTOON!

Hey everyone, here’s the third episode of my animated web series THE AVERAGE JOE SHOW:


In this episode Joe is bullied by his rule-loving assistant manager.

Animating this episode was a challenge but a lot of fun.

I had two more new characters that I had to figure out how to animate (Snitchy McSuckup and Jobey the Drunk) and it was my first time ever using Premiere Pro for the editing and After Effects for the lighting effects.

I think this one turned out pretty good. Hope you enjoy it!!

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Not as good as the slayer but it was amusing.

I liked the drunk character, he was loveable.

Thanks! I’m currently animating the next Average Joe episode will feature a cameo by Troll Slayer. I’ll post it here when it’s finished!

Here’s a still, check it out: