How is it possible that so professional software like TB, doesnt have autosave. I know that most users r using apple, but show some mercy for windows user :frowning: Sometimes i just forgot to save and then im so angry when software is crushing. It s not complicated, its not hard to make addition. Im pritty sure its like 2 lines of code. Why dont you do that and just release a patch, it d be a relieve

it s even funnier. That there is autosave for workspace, so after crash i dont have my work, but i still have the same size of brush :smiley:

Check out this thread. In it, I mention two freeware apps that can autosave for you.;action=display;threadid=2955

Thanks for help :slight_smile: I didnt know, that there is an appliaction to make saves :smiley:

Never the less, it should be in TB!

How do you set this in Harmony? I can see Preferences/General/Automatically Save Workspace but can’t find it for automatically saving your file.

It’s going to be in the next patch for Harmony. Probably in version or later. It should be this week if all goes well.

Thanks, Steve! Please be sure to announce the update here in the forum so we’ll know when it’s available.

This would be a great feature for Animate Pro. I’ve lost hours of work when I get into the zone and forget to save.

We’ve added the autosave to Harmony and Storyboard Pro, so we’ll likely have this in future versions of Animate and Animate Pro as well.

It’s not actually as simple as 2 lines of code, though, because it’s an issue of what happens if you’re in the middle of something when it comes time to do the autosave. We have to wait for you to finish what you’re doing or cut you off in the middle, and then we have to evaluate exactly what it is you’re doing, etc. They were able to resolve this but it was not simple. :slight_smile:


It will also be available in the next version of Animate Pro.