Autosave doesn't wait for "inactivity" (mac)

It doesn’t matter what “inactivity interval” I set in the preferences, autosave just pops, most of the times in the middle of an action.

I might be able to help is if have some data to use as a compass.

Regarding Autosave, what exactly would you like to happen?

It’s easy…if I set an “inactivity interval” of, for instance, 5 seconds (this is an option in the preferences), the program should wait until it detects 5 seconds of inactivity before performing the auto-save.

What happens now is that the program doesn’t wait for that interval of inactivity and just performs the autosave in the middle of an action. Even worse, it cuts that action. So, imagine I’m dragging a drawing in the camera view, or dragging a set of keys in the timeline, if the autosave happens, that action is cut and I have to start again.

It’s a clever option…if it worked properly.

It would be even better if that autosave was performed in the background so the user didn’t even notice it.

You stated the “Inactivity Interval (seconds)” is set to 5.

What is the “Interval (minutes)” set to?

I don’t think that is important because I have tried with many combinations of both values. But, to be precise, right now I have 10 minutes of interval and 3 seconds for inactivity.

Have you tried the Ask Before Saving option yet?

Yes, I tried that, but it is the same problem, your workflow is cut continuously.
To avoid loosing my work, I need the autosave set to a short interval and clicking on a dialog box every few minutes is a bit annoying.

It’d be good if it just did the autosaves as the Adobe programs, or Maya. Those programs just autosave in the background and the user doesn’t even notice.