Automating keyboard commands

I’m looking for a way to combine “create new drawing” and “increase exposure” into one command. That is, if I’m animating on twos, I want to be able to create a new drawing and have its exposure set to two frames by default, instead of having to do it in two steps (minor quibble, I know). I can’t seem to find anything in the qt script documentation that simply executes a keystroke. So if I set the F6 key to create a new drawing and then use the + key to extend the exposure, I would like to write a simple script that executes these two keystrokes in succession and assign that script to another key. Is this possible?

You can use either the Xsheet or the Timeline’s menu-Exposure-Set Exposure to-Set Exposure to 2. Then when you draw on a blank frame in the Timeline for example, it will expose the drawing for two frames from then on.