Automatic lip sync- wish TBS had a demo for latest release

Can anybody say how well the automatic lip-sync works in the latest TBS release? In fact …I have not upgraded since TBS 4 …so any feedback from later releases would be helpful.
Also is there any relationship for this feature with Papagayo.

Or can Papagayo work with TBS.

Does the latest TBS have the automatic rigging feature like Anime-8, where you can re-use rigs on different characters to for example, quickly create walk cycles?

I wish TBS had a demo for their latest release where I could answer these questions for myself.


tiger372, I have only been using Toon Boom for about 2 years off and on. I have created one 10 minute length movie with three characters talking and acting out.I think that from a purely amature opinion that they work very well. They are super easy and it is very simply to either add a couple of edits later or add more mouth shapes to the animation after the basics have been accomplished.I have read several articles stating that the higher end versions are better but it really is a science and just because you have better software doesn’t neccessarily mean you will get better talk animations.It works spectacular from the bottom of the line software perspective.

Thanks…I think thats good enough. When I had version 4 I felt some things were too laborious.BTW…I just ordered the new YIYNOVA 10.1 tablet …so soon I may get this latest version of TBS. I wondered if anybody here use this tablet before …my fear is …I know TBS is highly adaptable to Wacom’s technology …and this is new.See the Tablet at Amazon here:[url=] it demo on youtube here:[url=]

I have TBS 7… the automatic lip sync works great… however, learning how to use it, is pretty complicated - it’s not all handled from one screen. I wish it was. For me personally I found this link very helpful in understanding how to do it… it’s using a older version of TBS, but the flow works for version 7: I used that, along with the TBS 7 manual… and I was able to put this together: put my steps (as I remembered them) into my blog article above, along with a sample lip sync animation.