Automatic Export script?

Hey there!

Is there any way to make a script in toon boom animate that would allow one to export the animation in every layer individually?

For example :

If I have 3 layers (Anim01, Anim02, Anim03) each with different animations on them, is there a way to have Animate cycle through each layer (checking if they’re checked or unchecked) and rendering each animation with the corresponding layer’s name? (Anim01-01.tga; Anim01-02.tga; etc)

I’m not much of a programmer but I have a few friends that might help me out.

I’d appreciate it if someone could put me in the right direction :slight_smile:


You can’t have multiple write nodes in Animate, so no, this is not possible. However if you upgrade to Animate Pro, then you can have as many write nodes as you want, all exporting whatever layers from your network that you have connected to them, saving them to wherever you set them to save. You should upgrade to Animate Pro if you want this feature.

Please feel free to email if you would like an upgrade.