Automatic Envelope Deformers

I work with rigs that have many deformers. I feel like it is redundant to use the pen tool to make shapes with bezier handles on a drawing layer and then have to essentially create the same kind of shape with the envelope deformer. Imagine a circle or an ellipse. It would be lovely to select the drawing layer with a circle and then click on a button that senses the 4 bezier points of the line art drawing layer to create the necessary envelope deformer with 4 matching bezier points. If it could sense the width of the line stroke and be such that the automated envelope deformer is just outside it, that would be great. Or, if it could have an adjustable offset value from the centerline. This would speed up the rigging process for sure! Thanks for the great software y’all.

Harmony 16 now has a feature like this. It automatically creates the envelope deformer and you can specify how many points to use. You can also expand it out from the centerline.

A video and written instructions can be found here: