Automatic Color Trace, Colored Onion Skin, Smooth Borders?

Hello there!:bigsmile:

From time to time when I worked with “Toon Boom Animate Pro” I noticed that I really wished for some certain possibilities but thought I may expect too much of todays technology.
But then I read about another programm (RETAS! Paintman Pro) wich is able to do what I searched for. And because of the fact that even the older versions of it are able to do that I thought “Animate Pro” can do that, too. So I wanted to ask if I can find these options/tools/effects there too and where.

#1 - Automatic Color Trace
If I want to make a frame-by-frame animation with cell shading, is it possible to, for example, making the lines for seperation in blue wich automaticly turn into the color I pick to fill the area next to them instead of picking the right color and color them color all of it manually?
I know that I could use invisible lines, but I think about a way to have them visible on the onion skin too.

#2 - Colored Onion Skin
Is it possible to view the onion skin so i see the colors I picked for the animation? I mean instead of picking a color for the next and previous frames, I would like to see the colors of the object.

#3 Smooth Borders
I tried a few things with the Modules/Effects, because I wanted to make a smooth transition from one color to another. I could almost make it work by working with “Blur”, “Colour Override” (to choose the two colors I wanted to blend) and “Cutter” (to erase the colors that went outside the object I animated) but I didn’t have the result I wanted.

I added some pictures with the numbers of my questions above, so you can see what I want to achieve. (I took them from a Overview PDF of the programm I wrote about on the earlier)

Thank you for reading!:heart:

Toon Boom Animate Pro Question Number 2.png