Automated Lip Sync With Moving Head


I was very impressed with the lip sync feature in toon boom. The more I use this program the happier Im becoming. Well I like the automated lip sync feature where it automaticaly maps your mouth shapes according the the chart. However my character doesnt exactly stand still, his body and head moves but the automated mouth drawings stay in place when my character moves. Is there a way I can still use this feature with the 8 phonemes but having certain parts have differnt drawings for when my character moves?

If not I wont complain because just having an automated chart in the dopesheet as a reference has greated helped even if I dont use the automated feature for my mouth shapes.

Hello Coreyart. Did you get an answer to your question yet?

If I understand your post, your character’s head moves but the mouth doesn’t move with it. This would be because you haven’t got the head and mouth attached to a peg.

If you add a peg, then drag the head and mouth drawings into it, you can then do your animation (i.e. movements) on the peg (parent element), rather than on the head drawing, as you are probably doing now. If you are only animating the head drawing (child element), the mouth drawing (child element) will not be animated with it because it they are separate children.

Hope this helps. If I misunderstood your question, my apologies!