Automated licence return system.

I am always flipping between my laptop and desktop.

Can you please please please make a system so that I don’t have to constantly swap licences.

Like maybe you can make the computer automatically return on close, and automatically get the licence when you turn it on.

It is such a pain in the neck the way it is currently. I understand you need to protect your IP but the way your currently doing it inconviences the people who have actually paid which to me is just wrong.

Never flipped yet, but couldn’t agree more. Pyrates will always find the way to deal with illegal products, but this way only legal users have inconviences. If someone pay for legal profesional software, I’m sure that he need it for the work, not for hobby, so such users need much more flexibility with software.

Excellent request. I also have this same problem. And what is worse is that my desktop is in my office and laptop home. Sometimes I forget to deactivate the license and I can’t use Animate on the other computer.

Oh that would make me cry if it happened to me.

It is a hard situation because protecting IP is very important. Unfornuatly giving a second licence isn’t really an option because large studios would only need to buy half the number of licences thus driving the price of animate up.

I don’t have a solution, but it is a request 8)

I agree. But not only the return of the licence should be improved for people who wants to use Animate on two machines.

If I upgrade to future versions of animate I don’t want to have such complicated things like a temporary key, sending mails to get a permanent key and waiting days for it.

I subscribe to this innovation because, in the event of a system crash, you must format the disk and the unpredictability of the case, you can not satisfy the requirement to return the license, so you can not use the program again to be able to communicate the problem to licensor@toonboom, with the consequent awaiting a response.
It may be difficult to put this into practice, but may, for example to close the program normally, be read a script that disables the license if the network is connected, and if system crash, it can not be read, then when you open the program again the licensing system simply ask for the authentication on the network and this is all. Make any sense? Thanks support.

I feel your pain. My frustration level would be through the roof!

Hi ToonBoom,

I recently upgraded to ANIMATE 2 from Studio. I got caught in this situation straight off.

I have a Desktop and a Laptop. I use the Laptop when at a client site OR later in the evening, the Desktop during the day back at base.

I DO NOT WANT TO USE two copies at the same time, just to be able to use Animate on EITHER Of my computers at a particular time.

The way it is currently means I have to REMEMBER which machine the license is live on or go turn on a machine to hand the license back. Very inconvenient if the machines are at different locations.

SURELY - its possible AT A MINIMUM via an online floating license for TB to see if a license is LIVE twice?? Not sure of an offline solution.

Best point was made by tomicicO_73738 above - The PIRATES have a “freer” license than us fully paid up customers. So one gets penalized for paying and for being legit??

Come on TB their must be a way around this that keeps us all happy …


how about this:

why not check the license on startup…if it’s in use in another pc just quit with an error saying as much.
this way it cant be used on multiple machines at the same time but the user wont have to permanently return/re-activate the license.

of course this would mean an internet connection is required for starting the software, but i think nowadays THAT shouldn`t be too big a problem.

ideally it would be selectable. either the way it is now for people who are not “always on” and the automatic way for the rest of us :slight_smile:

just a thought :slight_smile:

What you are suggesting is pretty much the same as return on closing.

They could make it an option so you didn’t have to use that method if you don’t want.

Another thing is to let the licence system remember your licence number so you don’t have to retype it because that is a pain too(if they aren’t going to do an automated return).