Autofill any drawn shape

The ellipse and rectangle tool already have this function to automatically fill a newly created shape so id love to see this simillar done on a custom drawn shape.
Just draw a shape and have the program connect the starting point with the end point and automatically fill it with color. I have seen couple of programs already do it and it would help save a lot of work when working on details or line lees drawings, even when coloring and shading.



Hi Miu,

Thank you for the suggestion and the matching images. That always helps for clarity.


i made a quick example to try speciffy more what iam interested to do with such tool in a video
The recorder isnt the best but it shows what the tool does so i could do more effective animations like i made the animals and monsters in wild warriors
Or this kind of style that i usually do

Yes its a good feature.
They have that in TVpaint. but then its pixel-images.

/ Mattias