Autofeed scanner issues

Hello, we’re using Pencil Check Pro on Windows XP;Epson Expression 10000 scanner-When we use auto feed, Pencil Check Pro simply loads the same drawing over and over again in the column, We’ve double checked all settings.Any help would be great.Many ThanksRoskotron at Woodbury University

Hi,Where did you order the software from. If it was directly from us I would strongly recommend you to get in contact with your sales representative to discuss this current issue.Best regards,Ugo

Hi!I’m using PencilCheck on Mac OSX and using an HP C7280 with autofeed.I got PencilCheck from Toon Boom’s website.The same issue occurs. After scanning a series of images, the program only loads the last one to the xSheet…The result is that instead of benefiting from the autofeed i have to load every page to the tray by hand.I’ve noticed that while the scanner is working with multiple pages in the feeder, the Auto Advance doesn’t move the frames forward and when it’s done scanning and I close HP Scan Pro it suddenly moves to the last frame and assigns the same image to all.The strange thing is that I’ve tried Animate Pro PLE and after scanning I go to the Scan Album and all images are there and it has no issues assigning them to the frames.

Hi Paco,Pencil Check Pro can only process (vectorize) one image at a time as it does not have a batch vectorization queue built-in. For this reason you cannot take advantage of the autofeeder because it is too fast for the vectorization to be able to keep pace with.Try scanning the images in one at a time rather than using the autofeeder as there is no benefit to using it with vector images inside Pencil Check Pro. If volume scanning is needed then perhaps you should consider Harmony instead as this software fully supports batch scanning and vectorizing.If you are not vectorizing; are you using the TWAIN driver for the scanning, have you defined the Scan.conf entry or are you scanning in a different manner altogether? If you are not vectorizing then try an alternate TWAIN driver since the drivers do not all have the same feature sets.regards,-ron

Thanks ron.Well that explains it.I’m using a TWAIN driver - HP Scan Pro - I haven’t been able to find another one. I haven’t been able Optical Registration either.If you know of a better TWAIN driver, please say so! :DHarmony is waaaaaay off my price range. Pencil Check is a nice compromise between simplicity a functionality.I guess I’ll just have to keep scanning each image at a time.Thanks for the help!paco

Hi Paco,You can also bring in the images if they have been scanned in another application. The important things to consider for the optical registrationare to keep note of the DPI that the image was originally scanned with.And also to make a contrast between the pegholes and the paper by putting black tape or a black cardboard to render the pegholes in black.Both these are needed in order for the peg hole detection to work.Note also to keep the general area (about 1inch/2.5cm) around the peg holes clear of dirt or markings so as not to confuse the peg detection algorithm.regards,-ron

Hi ron,That seems to be a problem too…I can’t seem to to be able to change the resolution on PCP.The tabs where that should be possible are both locked. (In the capture main window and in the vectorization parameters)Do I have to configure a scan.conf for those to be unlocked?My terminal window doesn’t find the scanner, because it’s not a production scanner.Thanks so much for the help so far