Auto tweens are moving in a circle rather than being linear!


So I’m animating a dude and making sure to lock all my key frames down on the main peg with everything closed (little arrow is pointing sideways rather than down) before moving anything. Now that I’m trying to add some inbetweens using the auto tween function, everything seems to be sliding around in sort of a circular motion rather than being linear. Everything is keyed as far as I can see. Is there some kind of setting that I’m not finding that will stop it from doing this? Thanks in advance!

Hi hwhitmore,

Do you mean that your feet are sinking in the ground between keyposes?

Interpolation is mainly rotation around the pivot points, therefore, motions are not linear where there is rotation and parenting.

You can see more about it here:

When using Inverse Kinematics, there is a feature to fix that once the animation is completed.

You can post of a screengrab of your setup for additional insight.


It sounds like your layer properties are set to 3D path instead of separate. When your layer is set to 3D path it will have a curved interpolation instead of linear. Open the layer properties by double clicking on the drawing layer that is sliding around to check if it’s 3D or separate.

Motion Paths