Auto-Patch with Kinematic Output instead of Parenting

I have a simple test puppet using curve deformers to manipulate two arms and a torso. The arms are connected to the body via a kinematic output port on the body deformer, so that the arms stay linked to the shoulder positions.

Is is possible to attach an auto-patch node to this torso/arm heirarchy? I understand the auto-patch works with parent/child relationships, but parenting the arms to the body will make the arms deform with the body deformer, which is undesired. To further complicate things, I have a deformation scale node on the body to animate squash and stretch.

See attached image for reference.


i dont see why it wouldnt work? give it a shot is all i have to say!

ta-dah! the biggest issue with this is when/if the arms ever cross in front of the body, because they would just “disappear”. however i’m sure that could be solved as well with a forearm layer floating on top of the arm that is parented to the deform port.