Auto Patch Problem

Hello! I’ve been trying to find a way of solving this problem for a while.

Everytime I try to move the layer up or down with an autopatch the Line Art just disappear…
Is there a reason why i can’t move the layer?


You could re-create manually the auto patch with selector and cut nodes, by cutting the line art from the head with the color art from the neck.

Thanks! That actually works!! But requires alot more work!
You know why that happens? Am I making something wrong?

Sorry, I don’t know, my suggestion is what I’d do in that situation, I don’t think you’re doing something wrong though, that kind of things are not that strange in Toon Boom, you should be ready to try workarounds all the time when rigging. Maybe check the patch node settings and see if you can avoid the problem.

You can always group the nodes you used for the effect and copy paste everywhere you need it, you can even send it to the library so you can share it between projects.