Auto Patch issue!

Hey Guys,

I’m relatively new to Toon Boom and I’ve been rigging my character. I have an issue when trying to Auto Patch the torso/shoulder with the arm as the arm is behind, I want to make it look seamless but I’ve connected the auto patch to the shoulder and linked in up so that the auto patch is on top but nothing has changed, if you would be able to give me some advice that would be a huge help.

Here is a screen shot:

Many thanks

The requirements for this effect to work are:
• Drawing outlines must be drawn in pencil lines
• Drawing outlines must be drawn in the Line Art layer
• Drawing fill colours must be painted in the Colour Art layer

More info here:

I’m having an issue with Auto patch not working. I have everything on the correct sub-layer. The issue I’m having is when the upper and lower arms are set at different depths in the Z. When I set them to 0 in Z-depth it works. But I need the upper arm behind and the lower arm in front.

Using autopatch for body parts at different Z-depth is tricky at best
becasue of how this feature is working. It basically cuts and overlays
colour art to hide outlines.

When you move stuff in Z-depth the size changes so you could have
the autopatch potentially cutting too much of the line or none of it
in extreme cases.

For this the devil is in the details so you should contact support and
provide your zipped project folder for analysis. Please also provide
good directions to find the problem autopatch nodes in discussion
(and the frame range where the problem is happening).

Also check out Tracy’s tutorials.

She covers some of the unexpected things which can occur. It would be wise to start with her first video and work through them in date sequence.