Auto Patch Different colors

Is it possible to use the auto patch on clothing with different colors on it?

Hi aceofspades22,

I don’t really know what your situation is but auto patch should work no matter how many colors you use.

Even though the node is named Auto-Patch, the node functions similar to ColorArt node.

When ColorArt node is connected to the output port of Drawing node, it isolates the graphic on the ColorArt layer on the Drawing node.
Auto-Patch node isolates the graphic on the ColorArt layer just like ColorArt node. But the difference is that Auto-Patch node also masks out the graphic on the ColorArt layer using the graphic on the LineArt layer.

So as long as you draw the contour line of the shirt on LineArt layer while drawing fills of the shirt on ColorArt layer, Auto-Patch will do what the node is made to do.

okay so i didn’t explain that correctly. what i meant was if the sleeve of my shirt is blue but the torso was white, the blue sleeve shows through the white shirt. Is there a way for the blue not to show on the white shirt?

Auto patch only works to mask out one drawing layer with another.

If you want to do it with one color over another color, isolate a color you want to use as a mask using ColorOverride node or ColorSelector node (Harmony 15 only), and then use the isolated color as a shape to mask out another color using Cutter node.

If you can post a screen shot of your project, I will have a better idea on what your are trying to do.